Luxury chair built in 18th century Venetian baroque style, carved and shaped by hand with seat and back in Vienna straw.

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Art. 354


Shaped and hand carved Venetian style chair with Vienna straw back and seat, ideal furniture for important dining rooms.


Model Description

Model Structure

The legs of this luxurious chair are shaped and connected by a band also carved. The mixtilinear backrest is surrounded by an elegant double “S” frame. The carving of the front band and the upper part of the backrest represents hedgehog and pilaster, a typical eighteenth-century representation in vogue in the flourishing period of the Serenissima Republic of Venice when the furnishings in the Venetian eighteenth century baroque style imposed a taste for power and ostentatious luxury. Both the backrest and the seat are covered in Vienna straw.

Raw Material

The Venetian chair is made of solid beech, hard wood that lends itself well to carving. For the backrest and seat upholstery, handmade Vienna straw is used.


The chair is made, sculpted and polished by hand in the Vangelista Mobili 1960 high cabinet-making workshop. The hand-polishing is carried out with natural earths that give the desired shade, fixed with shellac paint dissolved on alcohol and applied with a brush. protected with straw oil pad and pumice stone. It can be made with seat and back upholstered in fabric or leather, depending on the needs. Even the type of polishing or lacquering can be customized. The visual emotional impact and the exclusivity of the chair make it an artifact of high craftsmanship.

Size of the model in the picture

Produced in 2 sizes large cm. 51×56 depth x 98 backrest height - small cm. 47x56 depth x 98 backrest height. The seat height is cm. 46.

Model History

Century of use

Towards the middle of the 18th century, the fashion leading to the Louis XV style induced the Venetian cabinetmakers to create elegant shapes and carvings. The refinement of the lines and the meticulous precision of the carvings bring this chair back to the 18th century Venetian Louis XV style. The chair is reproduced from the original artefact found at Palazzo Barbarigo in Venice.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

We have reproduced this refined chair from the original model of 12 pieces present inside the prestigious Palazzo Barbarigo in Venice. A few years ago one of our antiquarian customers brought us the original carved chair of this model. Given the refinement of the shapes and the elegance of the carvings, we decided to reproduce it by hand to satisfy the strong demand from our customers. The structure and the Vienna straw were completely broken after centuries of use. By disassembling the entire structure of the frame, we obtained samples of each element that composes it, we sculpted each piece by hand and faithfully reproduced a model like the original: even the Vienna straw that covers the back and seat is handmade. Vangelista Mobili 1960 is perhaps the only company that reproduces hand-carved Venetian 18th century baroque style chairs.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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