Furniture producer since 1960

With a long artisan tradition that starts in the 1960, Vangelista Mobili is one of the producer that represent Made In Italy all over the world. The authenticity and the quality of our furniture represent the artisan knowledge that made Italy famous in the world.

The quality guarantee Vangelista Mobili 1960 attests that the whole supply chain is Italian, from the wood to the finished furniture.


Everything about us is luxury, excellence, knowledge: in a single word, is Made in Italy: we are furniture producer since 1960, experience and artisan value are our first quality.

The secret of an Italian success like ours is this: we are deluxe furniture producer, an endless elegance with high quality, handmade furniture that represents the incomparable Italian handcraft.

We furnish the most exclusive houses in the word, from villas to elegant countryhouse. But we remain the same artisans of long time ago, with the whole italian heart. Only in this way, respecting the artisan tradition, we can made the real Made in Italy, a luxury handmade furniture, an Italian furniture.