Important trumeau secretaire with cabinet, hand-decorated in gold leaf and painted with important polychrome Chinoiserie.

elegante e pregiata consolle sagomata e bombata nello stile francese classico luigi XV arricchita da preziosi accessori in bronzo riproduzione consolle sagomata e bombata in legno pregiato di ciliegio massello realizzata bicolore laccata nera con tre cassetti personalizzabile essendo un manufatto artigianale pregiato accessorio in bronzo della consolle realizzato a mano e cesellato nello stile luigi XV costruito su stampo di terra manufatto made in italy consolle francese di lusso laccata nera bicolore con bronzi realizzata a mano cordoncino che contorna il profilo scolpito e intagliato della consolle in stile francese prodotta con un essenza pregiata di ciliegio massello piano della consolle sagomato e arrotondato riprodotto in legno pregiato di ciliegio massello la lucidatura color miele e l'anticatura con terre e patine marroni ne rende un sapore antico costruito e lucidato a mano consolle francese di lusso arricchita da un cassetto centrale segreto lussuosa riproduzione artigianale in stile francese realizzazione consolle sagomata su misura in stile classico francese laccata bicolore lussuosa e importante consolle sagomata con incastri dei cassetti a coda di rondine costruita in stile francese manufatto made in italy riproducibile su misura
Art. 286


Rounded and shaped French console, reproduced in Louis XV style with cherry wood top and bronze accessories, two-tone lacquered in antiqued black, perfect for important entrances.

Model Description

Model Structure

The lower part of the structure is shaped like a "rib". The console is equipped with 2 large drawers assembled with handmade "dovetail" joints, as well as a secret central drawer that denotes its originality. The artifact is two-colored, with the shaped cover made with a precious essence of solid cherry-wood, polished in antiqued honey colour and patinated with brown earth tones to give it a warm appearance. The frame is made of solid basswood, lacquered in black Marquinia, antiqued and patinated with gray lands. The console is entirely polished by hand and enriched by bronze accessories reproduced in perfect Louis XV Baroque style and by a hand-carved string that surrounds all the external sides of the perimeter.

Raw Material

The top of this refined console is made of solid cherry wood, with a solid linden wood frame. The accessories are in cast bronze on an earth mold.


The console table is a handcrafted reproduction of excellent build quality, designed, built, carved and hand-lacquered inside our Vangelista Mobili 1960 laboratory. The drawers are assembled with dovetail joints, the lower part is lacquered in black Marquinia, hand aged with stone and coated with gray earth; all the accessories are in cast bronze on an earth mold, made, polished and chiselled by hand.

Size of the model in the picture

The console table is produced in three dimensions: 120x42x86h. - 140x43x86h. (as shown in the picture) - 160x44x86h. Built and carved by hand inside the Vangelista Mobili 1960 art workshop, it can be reproduced on measure for dimensions and finishes, already prepared with a secret central drawer. We offer our customers the opportunity to view the unfinished console in our laboratory, so they can decide all the necessary customizations, from the type of lacquering-polishing to the model of the handles.

Model History

Century of use

This luxury console is a refined reconstruction of the second half of the 18th century reproduced in the French Louis XV style.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

We have reproduced this important console for one of our clients who has a fashion store in Turin and who placed it at the entrance of the showroom.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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