Brightly colored Tyrolean sideboard with 2 doors, indented and hand-decorated with floral motifs and scenes of Alpine life from the 1600s.

Art. 240


Refined sideboard decorated in Alpine style with scenes of mountain life dating back to the 17th century, lacquered with bright colors in shades of blue, green and red. The rounded shape of the structure and the precious hand-made decorations make it a piece of very high cabinet-making, perfect for luxurious mountain homes.

Model Description

Model Structure

The structure of the sideboard has a rounded shape with 2 doors and 2 drawers, supported by a finely shaped perimeter plinth according to the typical style of the work carried out in the Val di Fassa craft workshops. On the central doors are painted typical seventeenth-century mountain life scenes, in the rounded pillars you can admire alpine landscapes surrounded by elegant Baroque, also taken up in the top of the bands of the doors and in the center of the drawers. The base color of the notched sideboard is light blue, while the profile of the top and lower frame are lacquered in a light hazelnut colour. Inside the sideboard there is a shelf.

Raw Material

The hand-decorated sideboard in Tyrolean style is made of solid fir wood, traditionally used for lacquering and painting alpine furnishings. The hinges and locks are reproduced from the original ones and made of hot forged wrought iron. The knobs of the drawers, turned by hand, are in wood. Only natural products are used for the lacquering.


The notched sideboard decorated in the Tyrolean Alpine Baroque style is produced, lacquered and painted by hand in the Vangelista1960 high cabinet-making workshop and the custom-made realiza-tion of this high-quality cabinet-making product is a guarantee of its craftsmanship. The doors of the sideboard are worked with a diamond frame, its notched structure is mounted with "T" joints. As the work progresses, the sideboard is well smoothed and rounded at all edges with special sandpa-per of various grains. We then proceed with the basic lacquering, for which a semi-liquid mixture of lime, water and Bologna plaster is applied with a brush, which, once dried, is aged using a special tool with which parts of the plaster that have been applied to furniture are removed. The manufac-turing involves a very long and precise process since the grain of the fir wood will have to come to light in the antiqued parts, which give the sideboard an ancient, lived-in flavor, which brings it clos-er to the period model. Subsequently, the lacquers are applied with polychrome water-based tempera colors, the mixtures of which are made in our laboratory. The most complex and important phase to arrive at the finished product are the decorations, which are carried out by hand with a series of brushes of different di-ameters only by true artisan artists. The Tyrolean-style sideboard is subsequently patinated with earth powders that penetrate the antiques, then shaded in the most exposed corners. Upon comple-tion of the work, the decorations are fixed with French shellac varnish applied with a brush and the Tyrolean furniture is protected with white French beeswax applied with a soft cotton cloth.

Size of the model in the picture

Produced and decorated by hand in 2 sizes: 140x45x101h. – 160x52x112h.

Model History

Century of use

The shape of the piece of furniture and the polychrome paintings recall the typicality of the alpine furnishings of the splendid Val di Fassa. The brightly colored sideboard is reproduced from the pe-riod artifact dating back to the second half of the 1600s.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

Traveling through Val di Fassa we stopped for lunch in an old farm restaurant and in the entrance area we were struck by the original model of this magnificent sideboard, fascinated above all by the originality of its never seen before decorations. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of decora-tive processes, we have decided to faithfully reproduce the splendid Tyrolean sideboard by hand, using the same methods used in the craft workshops of the Val di Fassa. The result obtained can on-ly make us proud to bring the Vangelista 1960 brand, a guarantee of handmade production and decoration, inside luxurious exclusive homes.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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