Precious contoured 18th century Venetian style shaped sideboard inlaid with walnut and rosewood, shellac polished.

nel 1700 le lavorazioni di lusso made in Italy della bocchetta e chiave in bronzo massiccio cesellato a mano e riprodotto dagli accessori di pregio in stile classico barocco veneziano del XVIII secolo credenza su misura intarsiata in noce e radica mossa e sagomata arredo di pregio in stile barocco veneziano del 1700 riprodotto a mano made in Italy di lusso credenza sagomata per prestigiosi ingressi e sale da pranzo di lusso arredo in stile barocco veneziano del settecento intarsiata a mano in radica di noce e palissandro fianchi e fronte della credenza veneziana finemente sagomati a centina intarsiata a mano in noce e radica realizzata come la credenza originale veneziana del 1700 credenza intarsiata e sagomata con fianchi lastronati spessore grosso di 4 mm in noce e radica lavorazioni artigianali fatte in Italia a mano arredo di lusso su misura anta intarsiata in radica di noce e palissandro lavorazione della venatura a spina di pesce la lucidatura fatta a mano con prodotti naturali metodo Farsetti lavorazione del 1700 riproduzione di lusso made in Italy credenza 2 ante intarsiata e sagomata in stile veneziano barocco del settecento legni pregiati in radica di noce e palissandro originale del 1700 barocco veneziano credenza con piano intarsiato in noce e radica nello stile classico veneziano 1700 filetto intarsiato in essenza pregiata di palissandro lastornatura spessore grosso di 4 mm come il modello originale
ART. 332R polished with shellac



Important 18th century Venetian Baroque style shaped sideboard, inlaid with walnut and rosewood briar. This luxury furniture, an example of craftsmanship of the true handmade Made in Italy, is perfect for exclusive entrances and prestigious residences. Produced in the large size art. 397.


Model Description

Model Structure

The structure, with 2 shaped doors, is supported by tall and saber-shaped legs. The sides are shaped like a "rib" and the marquetry is herringbone, while in the center there is a splendid ferrarese walnut root worked in "speckle" in the centers, as used in the Venetian shops of the eighteenth century.

Raw Material

The internal frame of this important sideboard is made of solid spruce, veneered with a 3/4 mm covering in rare and precious essences of walnut worked in a herringbone pattern. The inlays are in Ferrarese walnut and rosewood briar. The key and key cover are made of cast brass on an earth mold.


The inlay is interspersed with a thread in precious and exotic Brazilian rosewood, also worked in a herringbone pattern. The frame of the top is molded, as in the original artifact, and shows the vertical "head" grain, which gives it greater value. The movable doors and sides are made with 6 cm wide vertical planks glued together to obtain the desired shape. After the polishing of all the shaped parts, we proceed with the inlaying: the internal stem is veneered with a walnut finish worked in a herringbone pattern of 3/4 mm. with at the center a splendid ferrarese walnut briar worked in " open spot "mirroring in the centers, as used in the Venetian shops of the eighteenth century. The sideboard is hand polished with natural products according to the Farsetti method, typical workmanship used in Venetian craft shops from the first half of the 1600s: there are 22 hand-made passages with cotton soaked in straw oil and pumice stone powder to emphasize the chromaticity of the precious essences and the warm veins of the walnut root. Vangelista Mobili 1960 is the only company that polishes its furniture using this complicated methodology. The key and the key cover are made of cast brass on an earthen mold with the ancient technique of lost wax, chiseled and polished by hand in the classical Louis XV Venetian Baroque style. This artifact of rare value is designed, built, inlaid and polished by hand inside our high-cabinetry workshop Vangelista Mobili 1960.

Size of the model in the picture

The shaped sideboard is produced in 2 sizes 135x53x96h. and 155x60x96h. Being a built and hand-made piece of furniture, it can be customized according to size and type of polishing.

Model History

Century of use

The sideboard is reproduced from the original artifact dating back to the mid-1700s, which is currently housed in a private collection.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

Many years ago, one of our antique dealer from Parma contacted us to reproduce the model of an original sideboard that was part of a private collection, The choice of the fine briarwood, the construction work taken up by the Venetian workshops of the 1700s and the polishing with glossy shellac denote the ability and the qualified experience of Vangelista Mobili 1960, the only company to reproduce this luxury artifact of rare value.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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