Elegant 2-door sideboard shaped and inlaid in walnut, briar and rosewood, very rare and precious essences.

Art. 397



The splendid 2-door shaped sideboard is perfect for entry, to give the right emphasis to the magnificence of its inlays, which will leave both guests and owners speechless at every entrance. Alternatively, we recommend placing it in pairs, frontally, in prestigious dining rooms. Produced in the small size art. 322R.


Model Description

Model Structure

The 2-door shaped sideboard is supported by 4 saber legs and features extraordinary hand-made inlays made of precious essences.

Raw Material

The moving and shaped 2-door sideboard is handmade in fir essence. The external covering is made of fine walnut wood, Ferrara walnut briar and rosewood. Only natural products are used for fixing the inlays and polishing.


This furniture is hand designed, hand inlaid and hand polished by the high quality cabinetmaking brand Vangelista 1960. The sideboard frame is produced with 5cm wide vertical boards glued together in order to obtain the desired shape. Once the wavy shape has been obtained, the boards are smoothed by hand with files and rasps. Subsequently we proceed with the most complex phase: inlaying. The furniture is "covered" in all its external parts with a 4mm veneer as in use in the cabinetmaking of the 1700s. Precious essences such as walnut, worked in a herringbone pattern, and the rare and precious Ferrara walnut briar, interspersed with an exotic rosewood wood fillet, are used in the inlaying of the sideboard. These processes make the chromatic effect of the walnut root stand out, worked symmetrically in the centers to form wonderful designs. To glue the inlays natural glues and small mild steel nails are used. Once the inlays have been fixed, the piece of furniture is sanded with special abrasive papers and prepared for polishing. The only company in Italy, Vangelista 1960 applies the Farsetti method in polishing, the same used in Venetian workshops in the mid-1600s, thanks to which the warm chromaticity of the precious woods and their grain are highlighted. An engraved brass plate is applied to the sideboard as warranty that the product is made by the Vangelista 1960 brand, and a handwritten certificate is attached to certify and to describe the quality of the product, the materials and the checks carried out, as well as the exclusivity of every single creation. The sideboard is finally hand-packed to perfection and delivered to the customer with maximum protection.

Size of the model in the picture

The shaped and inlaid sideboard is produced in the size 180x63 depth x 104h.Being produced by hand, it can be customized and made to measure in terms of size, quality of essence and type of polishing.

Model History

Century of use

The typical construction of the shaped sideboard fully recalls the fashion of the mid-18th century. The sideboard is reproduced from the original model coming from the Roncadella area. The lines and workmanship of the shaped and inlaid sideboard recall the 18th century Emilian style.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

A few years ago one of our clients, a famous antiques dealer from Ferrara, asked us to visit him at a farmhouse in Roncadella, in the Emilian plain. Inside this old farmhouse there was the original 1700 model of this important and prestigious inlaid and moved sideboard, which the customer asked us to restore. Given the importance and rarity of the piece, with the kind permission of the owner we decided to faithfully reproduce the sideboard: we traced all the shapes of the top, sides and legs on a plywood panel, and created a detailed drawing with the dimensions. Thanks to our great experience and passion, we have thus produced this splendid artisanal product within our laboratory, loved by customers who appreciate handmade and made in Italy luxury products.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
Split up to €2000 into 3 easy PayPal installments
Split up to €2000 into 3 easy PayPal installments

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