Console in solid cherry wood with a rounded shape handmade in Venetian baroque style.

stile veneziano Luigi XV barocco della consolle in ciliegio mossa e bombata con 3 cassetti segreti e bronzi fatti a mano arredo di lusso prodotto su misura nel laboratorio di alta ebanisteria è costruito il cassetto in essenza di ciliegio centrale segreto della esclusiva consolle sagomata e bombata di lusso realizzata del brand Vangelista consolle bombata di grandi dimensioni con gambe alte con 3 cassetti costruita in stile classico barocco veneziano legno di ciliegio massello e accessori in bronzo fatti a mano costruzione raffinata consolle veneziana di lussi del 1700 bombata e mossa con tre cassetti prodotta su misura a mano con bronzi fatti in Italia made in Italy il brand di lusso Vangelista mobili ha costruito la maniglia cesellata in fusione di bronzo nello stile classico Luigi XV veneziano consolle veneziana barocca in stile Luigi XV prodotta come il modello d’epoca del 700 con bronzi e cassetto centrale segreto arredo di lusso incastri a coda di rondine lavorazione di lusso degli interni dei cassetti usate nel settecento fatti a mano nel laboratorio dei brand di lusso Vangelista piedino della consolle di produzione made in Italy prodotto e cesellato a mano in bronzo massiccio della consolle di lusso in ciliegio riproduzione bronzi artigianali fatti a mano in bronzo cesellato e fuso lavorazioni di pregio prodotte dal brand di lusso made in Italy Vangelista prestigiosa consolle bombata in stile veneziano barocco del settecento riprodotta in legno di ciliegio massello gli accessori sono in bronzo cesellati e fatti a mano su misura consolle di lusso made in Italy in ciliegio massello manufatto di costruzione made in Italy ideale per ingressi di lusso e sale da pranzo di prestigio di lussuose dimore ed esclusive residenze
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Exclusive rounded  console table in solid cherry wood handcrafted in the Louis XV Venetian baroque style. Luxurious furnishings that can be inserted in exclusive and luxurious homes, or in important dining rooms. The original model is found inside the entrance hall of the famous Palazzo Ca d’Oro in Venice.

Model Description

Model Structure

The rounded luxury console has 2 side drawers and a secret central drawer. The tall legs are shaped like a saber. The structure of the cabinet is made of solid cherry wood, the interior of the drawers is made of solid spruce. The frame structure is built with “tenon and mortise” joints and the top is worked with the frame strips, which give it greater value. The console is embellished with cast bronze accessories on an earth mold following the ancient technique of "lost wax", chiseled and polished by hand like the originals.The artifact is hand polished according to the Farsetti method.

Raw Material

The console is made of precious solid wood essence. The accessories are in cast bronze on an earth mold. Water-based natural earth is used for painting. Natural products are also used for polishing.


This curved and shaped console in the XVIII century Venetian Baroque Louis XV style is produced by hand to measure inside the laboratory of the luxury brand Vangelista Mobili 1960. Polishing is also done by hand with natural products following the Farsetti method, used in the Venetian workshops from the second half of the seventeenth century. The console is dyed with powder of natural water-based earths fixed with shellac paint spread with a brush, the finish is carried out with 22 wick-like passages with straw-colored oil and pumice-stone powder that highlight the warm veins and chromaticity of the precious cherry essence. Chiseled and polished by hand, the accessories are made of cast bronze on an earth mold following the ancient "lost wax" technique.

Size of the model in the picture

The console is built in the 140x43x86h size.

Model History

Century of use

The refined and elegant shapes of the console are typical of the furnishings made towards the second half of the eighteenth century during the flourishing period of the Serenissima Repubblica of Venice.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

The original model is placed inside the entrance hall of the famous Palazzo Dandolo, better known as the Hotel Danieli in Venice. At the request of an architectural firm, we reproduced the furnishings of the luxurious Venetian hotel based on the photos of the original 18th century console model.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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