Exclusive bedside table of antique evaporated fir wood,decorated with baroque motifs and scenes of mountain life.

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Art. 227


Important bedside table of antique fir wood hand-decorated in the classical style “600 ampezzino.The originality of the lines and the refinement achieved make it a unique artifact of its kind, well suited to mountain furnishings both in classic and contemporary style. The painted central door with loving scenes of rural life, taking up the typical environments of the Valle D’Ampezzo.

Model Description

Model Structure

The structure of the bedside cabinet has a drawer and a door, with depressions and imperfections typical of rustic mountain furniture. The lower plinth is shaped like a shelf and lightened by a molded frame lacquered in pomegranate red. The originality of the piece is enhanced by the decorations: on the top, sides and drawer are depicted Baroque subjects in yellow Siena, with floral contour elements, while the central door is painted with amorous scenes of peasant life, which resume the typical environments of the Valle d'Ampezzo. The refinement and precision of the decorated details stand out from the sight and create an emotion of considerable impact.

Raw Material

The nightstand cabinet is built in essence of evaporated antique fir, with visible grain.


Vangelista Mobili 1960 is the only company that reproduces this splendid bedside table by hand with such precision, wanting to still keep alive the decorations of the skilled Ampezzo artisans of the seventeenth century who held particularly to their land and their traditions, reproducing them in the furnishings. The frame, drawer and door are mounted with mortise and tenon joint; the depressions and imperfections are given by hand-made planing. The coating with gray earth makes the decorations slightly shaded so as to weaken the impact of color on the fir wood. Everything is fixed with a matt natural water-based paint spread with a brush and final protection with French beeswax in a yellow shade. The decorations are painted without the use of dust and therefore completely re-proportioned to the dimensions of the piece of furniture.

Size of the model in the picture

The bedside table is built in the measure: 56x38x73h.

Model History

Century of use

Reproduced from the original model in the Baroque Ampezzano style, the period piece dates back to the early eighteenth century and is located in the area of Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

A client with a mountain residence near Madonna di Campiglio, in Trentino, commissioned us a few years ago the complete furnishing of his bedroom in antique steamed fir, with decorations of scenes of Ampezzo life dating back to the beginning of the 1700s. The result at the sight is wonderful and unique, the delicate nuance of the paintings with natural fir is the result of a meticulous work of high craftsmanship, which only the luxury brand Vangelista Mobili 1960 knows how to achieve.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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