Bureau secretaire writing desk with cylinder roller, inlaid with floral designs in bois de rose and maple wood, produced in the Maggiolini neoclassical style.

scrittoio bureau Giuseppe Maggiolini riprodotto e intarsiato artigianalmente nello stile Neoclassico scrittoio con rullo a cilindro lavorazione di alta ebanisteria prodotto e lucidato a mano dentro il laboratorio veneto piccolo cassetto del bureau scrittoio a cilindro intarsiato a mano in legno di palissandro e ebano maniglia pendente cesellata a mano in ottone massiccio mobile con rullo a cilindro intarsiato con disegni floreali arredo di pregio per ingressi e sale da pranzo scrittoio da centro stanza maniglia in stile Maggiolini del 1700 cesellata su ottone massiccio costruita a mano con la lavorazione della cera persa accessorio in stile Neoclassico scrittoio secretaire bureau costruito in stile Neoclassico Maggiolini con rullo a cilindro intarsiato con disegni floreali in essenze pregiate di legno di rosa e palissandro interno in tiglio massello con lavorazione pregiata incastro a coda di rondine dei cassetti prodotto di lusso made in Italy realizzato a mano nel laboratorio del brand Vangelista riproduzione con intarsi di un bureau scrivania a cilindro a spina di pesce nello stile Neoclassico prodotto nella bottega di Giuseppe Maggiolini esclusivo secretaire scrivania in stile Neoclassico Maggiolini con rullo a cilindro intarsiato disegni floreali in legni pregiati rari e esotici riprodotto a mano su misura con gambe a spillo esclusivo secretaire scrivania in stile Neoclassico Maggiolini con rullo a cilindro intarsiato disegni floreali in legni pregiati rari e esotici riprodotto a mano su misura con gambe a spillo costruzione sgabello pouf intarsiato a spina di pesce con la seduta in pregiato tessuto abbinato al bureau scrittoio con rullo a cilindro costruzione dello scrittoio del 700 a cilindro con intarsi in stile Neoclassico Maggiolini in legni pregiati di palissandro mogano acero e legno di rosa secretaire scrivania del settecento intarsiato in stile Maggiolini Neoclassico bureau costruito a mano su misura con rullo a cilindro con disegni floreali come il manufatto d’epoca e originale del settecento scrittoio a rullo con ribalta a cilindro da centro stanza intarsi fatti e lucidati a mano con vernice a gommalacca intarsio dello sgabello pouf in legno di palissandro ed ebano fatti e lucidati a mano seduta in tessuto pregiato sgabello pouf in stile Luigi XVI con seduta in tessuto intarsi fatti a mano con le 4 gambe Luigi XVI legni pregiati scrivania Luigi XVI con rullo a cilindro in stile Luigi XVI neoclassico maggiolini intarsi di pregio con il piano estraibile rivestito in vera pelle
Art. 327


Writing desk with roller flap, small drawers and extractable tablet covered in genuine leather, inlaid with floral motifs in precious essences of rosewood, bois de rose, maple, ebony and walnut.The refinement of the inlays and the use of precious essences make this secretaire a piece of furniture of high value, which can be easily inserted in prestigious entrances, dining rooms and studios, ideal as a piece of furniture to use as a telephone stand or desk. Reproduced from the artifact in pure Maggiolini Neoclassical style.


Model Description

Model Structure

The structure of the secretaire desk has a central body shaped like a cylinder which rotates inwards to reveal a "cabinet" with nine small drawers and compartments for documents. A removable central table for reading is embellished with genuine cowhide upholstery with hot brocade inlay in gold leaf. The bureau is supported by 4 pin-shaped legs also inlaid in a herringbone pattern. There are 3 drawers on the top of the cabinet.

Raw Material

The internal structure of the desk is made of solid linden essence. The desk is inlaid in all its parts with exotic and precious essences (bois de rose, rosewood, maple, ebony and walnut). The removable central table for reading use is covered in genuine cowhide and inlaid with gold leaf.


The luxury writing desk with cylinder flap and pin legs was built, inlaid and polished by hand in the high cabinet-making workshop of the luxury brand Vangelista 1960. The desk has been reproduced with the same characteristics as the original model dating back to the end of the 18th century in Maggiolini style. The insides of the drawers are worked with dovetail joints and solid bottom with "diamond" working, which increases the value of the bureau. This writing desk, which expresses the craftsmanship of true luxury Made in Italy furniture, is offered with a wick-polished finish, in a light walnut tone, which highlights the warm, splendid veins of the exotic essences and the exclusive inlays. The desk is hand-polished with natural water-based clays, shellac paint applied with a brush, finished with a wick in 22 steps according to the Farsetti method, a process in use in Venetian workshops since the early seventeenth century.

Size of the model in the picture

The desk is reproduced in size 80,5×48,5x102h.

Model History

Century of use

The original model of the bureau desk belongs to a private collection and is located in the Accorsi Ometto museum of decorative arts in Turin.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

The story of this elegant and important cylinder secretaire bureau is very curious. A few years ago an ancient artisan workshop, which was closing due to the age of the owner, contacted us asking us to continue reproducing this model. Given the exclusivity of the lines and the beauty of the polychrome inlays, we accepted immediately: all the templates, iron cutters and the latest unfinished model that the laboratory possessed were delivered to us. The elderly craftsman was very happy that our high-end cabinet-making brand had reproduced this splendid 18th-century neoclassical Maggiolini style bureau secretaire with roller cylinder which, given the great demand from our customers, we are still producing.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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Split up to €2000 into 3 easy PayPal installments

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