Luxury big size inlaid cupboard in precious wood, ‘700 Baroque Piedmontese style

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Luxury big size inlaid cupboard in precious wood, ‘700 Baroque Piedmontese style. The elegant inlays and the finishing in shellac make the furniture a high-quality product, 100% Made in Italy.

Model Description

Model Structure

The luxury big size inlaid cupboard in precious wood, '700 Baroque Piedmontese style has a big double leaf door divided by a vertical pillar. Shutters and sides are surrounded by an outline cornice, which slims the whole structure. The frame is enclosed by a wider cornice and a base, enriched by a typical moulding used in Piedmontese furnishing. Inside there are 2 compartments. In the first compartment there is a clothes hanger and some adjustable shelves with a wooden rack, in the second one there are some shelves on the top and a decorated and inlaid dresser at the bottom, in combination with the external shutters. The square shape and outline cornices are typical of 17th century northwest Italy furniture crafting.

Raw Material

The outer structure is in solid spruce wood, veneered in flamed walnut (that is, the section of walnut wood with white and hazelnut grain). Marquetries are veneered (3 mm thick) in precious and exotic American walnut, maple, rosewood and wengé. The inner part is made of solid ash wood, a very strong and compact wood. The cornice and the base are made of walnut wood.


Shutters, sides and pillars are veneered in 3 layers of solid crossed spruce wood (to preserve stability over time, given the huge dimensions of the frame), and inlays are veneered with a thick layer of 3 mm. The inlays have floreal patterns completely hand-made and fixed with natural glues. The outline cornices which contour the panels, the pillars and the sides are finely moulded with walnut wood. The main feature of this furniture is the polishing, reproduced with the same technique used in 18th century: water-based clays to give the right colour to the cupboard, subsequently the furniture is antiqued by hand for an old-fashioned look and establish by shellac applied with a brush. This step is repeated for three times, then we apply pumice stone and straw yellow oil (in circular motion), that intensifies the glossy appearance of the furniture and enhances the luxury grain and the intense colour of rare woods, besides to protect from sunlight and humidity. Knobs, keys and hinges are made of bronze poured in casting moulds and polished by a soft cloth.

Size of the model in the picture

Hand-crafted in size the inlaid cupboard is completely hand-made and customizable for dimension, type of wood and finishing. The inlays are proportionated to the dimension of the cupboard.

Model History

Century of use

The cupboard is a faithful replica of the original furniture, which dates back to the first half of ' 700, Barocco Piedmontese style.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

The original cupboard is in Moncalieri castle, historic residence of Savoy family, with a medieval and Baroque style furniture. The craftsmen of the period crafted 2 identical copies, of which one is in the castle. Luxury big size inlaid cupboard in precious wood, '700 Baroque Piedmontese style was used as a clothes hanger. The main feature of this furniture is the inlaying process, with hand-drawn shapes. The meticulous and patient woodworking has brought to light ancient crafting techniques, with inlay made by using small circular saw blades that operate with the water flow. Vangelista Mobili 1960 adopt the same processes of the period: the first draft design is copied on the inlay, then drawn and contoured. We are proud to be one of the few hand-craft companies able to reproduce customizable furniture finely inlaid 100% Made in Italy, very popular with the national and foreign clientele.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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