Furniture producer since 1960

You may have heard, during your life, about Made in Italy. But what does Made in Italy mean? First of all, Made in Italy is an idea that everybody – people or companies – makes its own and, in the meantime, respects its specific characteristics. Vangelista Mobili 1960’s 100% luxury Made in Italy, that makes us unique in a world full of competitors, is the capacity to reproduce original antique furnishings using the same techniques as the master cabinet-makers of the past combined with the creation of innovative designs that go hand in hand with the refined taste of classic furniture. A further added value is that every item in our catalogue is completely hand-crafted, from beginning to the end. The result? A very charming product, that will last over time. Buying a piece of furniture hand-crafted by Vangelista Mobili 1960 means having a product Made in Italy, assembled with the same working processes in vogue during 17th and 18th century at workshops, and to hand down from a generation to the other.

The main ingredients that highlight the working method of our company are: – Precious and high-quality woods by which we hand-craft our furniture. – Design of the lines and decorations coherent to the period the original furniture dates back. – UniquenessExtreme versatility and ability the clientele’s needs into a top-quality product. – Reproduction and a wide choice to customize every furnishing. – Hand-made polishing with natural products, through a series of steps and old techniques that prominently enhance the warm grain of the woods and the inlays’ chromaticity. We are the only company that polishes furniture with Farsetti method, a working technique in vogue since the first half of 1600 in Venetian workshops. Last, but not least, we are proud to be the only Italian company in our sector that provides its customers 100% faithful reproductions of luxury antique furniture. Would you like to explore more closely Vangelista Mobili 1960’s Made in Italy? Look at our catalogue and feel free to contact us whenever you want: we will be happy to answer to all your requests.