Venetian chest of drawers reproduced in Baroque style, convex and inlaid with walnut briar root, with carved and hand-graven legs.

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Art. 377


Venetian chest of drawers inlaid with walnut briar root, goblet shaped, reproduced in the 18th century Venetian Baroque style with carved and hand-graven legs.

Model Description

Model Structure

The furniture has 5 drawers, with 2 small shaped drawers and 3 large drawers in the lower part. The chest of drawers is convex thanks to a very complex craftsmanship, both in the sides and in the front. Internally the structure is made of solid fir wood assembled with vertical "staves", shaped and glued together. The lower part is made up of 4 shaped and curly hand shaped legs, joined by a band also carved with vertical grain and with a sculpted shell in the center, typical Venetian subject of Louis XV style furnishings.

Raw Material

The chest of drawers is inlaid and veneered in walnut with inlaid thread in maple and a splendid essence of Ferrarese walnut. The internal parts are of solid spruce. The handles are made of bronze. The refined fillet is inlaid with yellow boxwood.


The sinuous and wavy lines of the dresser denote the complexity of its workmanship. The particularity of this beautiful artifact is given by the processing of the upper shaped drawers, goblet shaped and veneered in Ferrarese walnut briar. The most laborious part is represented by the inlays, made by hand following the typical work method of 1700, on a 4 mm slab in solid walnut wood. The rare essence of Ferrarese walnut root in the inner parts is worked with an open stain (symmetrical in the middle of the centers), interspersed with a refined inlaid yellow boxwood thread. The frame of the top and the lower part is worked with the vertical grain of the head and an alternation of light dark which create a truly unique visual chromatic effect. The perforated handles are made with the technique of lost wax, hand-chiselled and polished with cloth.

Size of the model in the picture

The chest is moved and rounded is reproduced in 2 different sizes: one smaller of cm. 123x52x90h and a larger one of cm. 103x42x84h. Since it is designed, built, inlaid, carved and polished by hand in our laboratory, this exclusive product can be customized for dimensions, types of wood and finishing types.

Model History

Century of use

The 18th century Venetian Baroque style dresser is faithfully reproduced from the original piece that dates back to the mid-seventeenth century, located at the upper hall of Palazzo Abadessa in Venice.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

On the occasion of the restoration of Palazzo Dandolo for the new opening of the Hotel Danieli, we were asked to create a pair of inlaid chest of drawers goblet shaped, according to the original model that was in one of its prestigious bedrooms.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
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We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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