Luxury Luigi Filippo style pantry cupboard in precious walnut wood

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Luxury Luigi Filippo style pantry cupboard in precious walnut wood, high quality craftsmanship 100% Made in Italy. The taste and the refined lines are represented by the elegant shape and the selection of wood.

Model Description

Model Structure

The luxury Luigi Filippo style pantry cupboard in precious walnut wood has 2 leaf doors and 2 drawers in the lower part. The upper part is composed by 2 finely moulded small drawers with a precious vertical grain, “S”-shaped. The cupboard is embellished in its lower part by a valuable inlay made of precious olive wood which contours the outline and highlights the beautiful colours of the grain. The pantry cupboard is supported by 4 shaped legs, reproduced with the same shape of the original model. The interior part is arranged with a clothes hanger on the top and support shelves, adjustable with a wooden rack.

Raw Material

The framework of this luxury Luigi Filippo style pantry cupboard in precious walnut wood is completely made of walnut. Doors and sides panels are veneered (thickness of veneering 3 mm) in flamed walnut. The inner part is made of solid spruce wood 3-layers carved to ensure better stability.


Doors and sides of the furniture are built with a framework and assembled with mortise and tenon, typical technique used in Venetian furniture crafting. The support legs are hand-shaped in two directions, faithful reproduction of the original Luigi Filippo style, and inlaid on top with an olive wood band. The surface is finely moulded with an underlying cornice, making the whole structure more elegant, and 2 “S”-shaped drawers. The back panels are produced with the high-quality cross-frame, which makes the pantry cupboard more precious and refined. The furniture is polished with water-based natural clays established by shellac applied with a brush and antiqued with an aged-effect by stone, to give an old-fashioned-look. Last but not least, the furniture is polished with a pad soaked of straw yellow oil and pumice stone in a circular motion. This type of finishing enhances the precious grain and colour of walnut wood.

Size of the model in the picture

Available in 2 sizes, 140x50x195h. (picture) and in the big dimension, the cupboard is made by hand in our laboratory and it is customizable for type of woods, dimension and finishing.

Model History

Century of use

This elegant and refined pantry cupboards dates back to the first half of 19th century, classic Luigi Filippo style.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

The refined lines and the slim structure of this luxury Luigi Filippo style pantry cupboard in precious walnut wood are the symbol of the typical construction of 19th century, commissioned by Vicenza’s upper class families. After the previous century, full of opulence and excess, Venetian families began to furnish their palaces using pieces of furniture with simple but refined lines. The original luxury Luigi Filippo style pantry cupboard in precious walnut wood is in the upper hall of palazzo Valmarana Braga in Vicenza. According to our studies, the pantry cupboard was used as a collector and document case for the notary’s office in the palace. For this reproduction, we decided to put adjustable shelves in order to use the cupboard in classic offices and offices inside homes. Vangelista Mobili 1960 has created this wonderful pantry cupboard, unique for high-quality production and selection of rare woods, with love and passion.

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We Produce
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We Ship Worldwide
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We User only Wood Certificated from FSC

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