Luxury round Baroque Venetian table in walnut root

tavolo rotondo in radica di noce allungabile 4 gambe sagomate a sciabola e riproducibile su misura intarsio in noce e acero il brand si lusso Vangelista mobili 1960 ha prodotto dentro il proprio laboratorio il tavolo rotondo in radica di noce allungabile in grandi dimensioni lucidato a mano artigianalmente con terre naturali a base d’acqua e gommalacca stesa a pennello, protezione vernice milesi naturale cornice del piano e delle allunghe ha la venatura verticale di testa, con un effetto visivo dei cromatismi delle venature della radica unico e pregiato elegante riproduzione in stile Veneto risalente alla metà del 700, del tavolo rotondo estensibile in grandi dimensioni con una pregiata radica di noce gambe del tavolo notevolmente sagomate e rivestite in radica di noce in 4 lati, prodotte e lastronate a mano e realizzabili su misura
Art. 931



Important luxury round table in walnut root with inlaid threads in maple and ebony. The sabre shaped legs and the precious ferrarese walnut root are typical of Baroque Venetian style of the 18th century. The table is handcrafted also in the oval version, art. 972.

Model Description

Model Structure

The luxury round table in walnut root is extendible thanks to 4 extensions and it is supported by 4 finely sabre shaped legs. The extendible structure os made of oak with some solid and strong dovetail joints.

Raw Material

The luxury round table in walnut root is built with a 4 mm veneering in rare and precious ferrarese walnut, streaked walnut, maple inlaid threads (white) and ebony (black). The inner structure is in solid spruce wood whereas the sliding system is made of ash.


The luxury round table in walnut root is embellished with threads made of eboy and bois de rose. The top is in solid spruce wood – stable over time – with 3-layer crossed grain, the legs are fastened through the bands with a tongue and groove joint. When the structure in solid spruce wood is assembled, a thread made of ferrarese walnut wood is inlaid with a beautiful pattern with a crossed grain towards the centre. The bands and the legs are completely veneered in walnut root. The top is embellished with an inlaid wood processing in precious maple and ebony which separates the streaked walnut from the root. The cornice of the top and the extensions are owl-beak moulded with the precious head grain. The extensions are processed in the same way as the top and they are made with the lower band inlaid in walnut root. The table is handpolished with natural products colour honey to enhance the grains of the precious wood; The shellac is applied with a brush, with a glossy finishing with a wick and a buffer. The table is hand-antiqued for an old-fashioned and worn look. The round table in walnut root is hand-crafted in Vangelista Mobili 1960’s art laboratory, 100% Made In Italy.

Size of the model in the picture

Built in size Ø 150x79h. maximum extension 350x150x79h., the table is handcrafted and customizable for dimension, type of wood and finishing.

Model History

Century of use

The original luxury round table in walnut root, Baroque Venetian style, dates back to the first half of the 18th century.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

The story behind the reproduction of this table is ver interesting. One of our customers asked us for a Baroque Venetian 18th century table with 4 finely sabre shaped legs made of walnut root. We invited him for dinner in a well-known restaurant in Vicenza and, just before sitting down to eat, we noticed an amazing luxury round table in walnut root with sabre shaped legs. Everyone of us was impressed by this wonderful table and after having dinner, and by courtesy of the restaurant’s owner, we decided to reproduce the table to satisfy our customer’s needs, so we retrieved all the dimensions and detailed pictures. The final result is this amazing luxury round table in ferrarese walnut root, very hard to find because it takes several decades to produce it. Our mission is to satisfy our customers and, in the mean time, to keep alive the tradition of luxury 100% made in Italy.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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Split up to €2000 into 3 easy PayPal installments

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