Shaped commode inlaid with uncommon and precious essences in the walnut root

pregiato comò sagomato e mosso di costruzione made in Italy intarsiato in radica di noce e legni nobili esotici riprodotto nello stile classico lombardo-Veneto quattro gambe sagomate e scolpite a mano su noce massello comò intarsiato e lastronato in radica di noce ed essenze pregiate esotiche lavorazioni esclusive e pregiate prodotte dentro il laboratorio artigianale del brand di lusso Vangelista mobili forme mosse e sagomate a mano comò mosso e sagomato nel fronte e nei fianchi intarsiato a mano con legni rari come la radica di noce ed esotici come il palissandro bois de rose acero ed ebano lastronato spessore grosso di 4 mm pregiate gambe del comò riprodotto dall’arredo d’epoca in stile classico Luigi XV lombardo Veneto alte sagomate e scolpite a mano su legno nobile di noce massello alta qualità e pregio estetico davanti del comò intarsiato con una esclusiva e raffinata sagomatura a forma di balestra ripresa dalle linee del mobile originale risalente ai primi del settecento costruito nel laboratorio artigianale di alta ebanisteria Vangelista mobili 1960 i 3 cassetti del comò sagomato e mosso lavorati e unici con solidi incastri a coda di rondine fatti a mano lavorazione pregiata ed esclusiva in uso nelle botteghe artigianali venete del settecento interni in legno di abete massello fianco con lavorazione complessa di intarsiatura spessore grosso di 4 mm in legni pregiati ed esotici come la radica di noce il palissandro ebano acero e legno di rosa complessa e importante lavorazione piano del comò con la venatura e cromatismi della pregiatissima radica di noce speculare nei centri lavorazione pregiata ed esclusiva del piano del comò intarsiato a mano e lucidato con vernice a gommalacca lucido a stoppino con uso di prodotti naturali
Art. 366


Beautiful shaped commode with briar inlays, fine reproduction of the eighteenth century Lombard-Veneto Louis XV style. Perfect for entrances, bedrooms and living rooms of prestigious homes and luxury residences.


Model Description

Model Structure

The commode is made with 3 drawers. The front and sides are softly shaped like a crossbow, the lower part and the four high support legs are shaped and carved by hand on solid walnut wood. Even the chest of drawers is shaped by taking up the same movement of the stem and is veneered with noble wood inlays of walnut, maple, and exotic and rare woods such as ebony, rosewood and bois de rose, while its frame presents a fine veining of the head. The drawers are joined with handmade dovetail joints, a typical work of high value by the Venetian artisans of the eighteenth century.

Raw Material

The whole structure is built with vertical axes in solid spruce wood, then shaped and veneered with precious and uncommon essences such as the briar of Ferrara walnut worked in open-stained centers, rosewood, ebony, cherry, bois de rose and maple.


The chest of drawers is hand-polished with natural products according to the Farsetti method, which emphasizes the chromaticity of the walnut and the warm veins of the Ferrarese walnut root. Vangelista Mobili 1960 is the only company to use this ancient working methodology.

Size of the model in the picture

The chest is reproduced in the size 141x60x 99h. Polished and veneered with inlays completely handmade, it can be customized to size, quality of wood and type of finishes.

Model History

Century of use

The commode is an elegant reproduction of exclusive luxury, taken from the original artifact, dating back to the early eighteenth century, from the private collection of the famous antique dealer Tullio Silva.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

We had the opportunity to closely observe and touch the commode during our participation in the first edition of the Milan Fine Art Week of 2022 and since then the precious piece of furniture has become part of our production. It is one of the pieces of our collection richer in inlays, even very complex, a feature that made us literally fall in love at first sight of this beautiful dresser. Designed, inlaid, carved and finished in the Vangelista 1960 high cabinet-making workshop.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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Split up to €2000 into 3 easy PayPal installments

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