Luxury enormous secretaire trumeau in two bodies with a flap

gigante e imponente lussuoso trumeau gigante ca' Rezzonico mosso e sagomato in stile 700 veneziano costruito in radica di noce ferrarese e legno di rosa produzione trumeu-secretaire di lusso in radica gigante a due corpi lastronato con ribalta e lavorazione del castello interno piccoli cassetti e vani sagomati e intarsiati trumeau secretaire lastronato in noce, radica di noce e essenza rara di legno di rosa con cornici sagomate con la ventura pregiata di traverso cimasa costruita in radica di noce e intaglio scolpito a mano e laccato in foglia oro nello stile 700 barocco veneziano realizzazione trumeau veneziano del 1700 riprodotto su misura manufatto di lusso made in italy secretaire gigante di lusso intarsiato in radica di noce con intagli in foglia oro e segreti arredo trumeau di lusso in stile settecento barocco veneziano


Luxury enormous secretaire trumeau in two bodies with a flap, built by hand in Luigi XV Baroque Venetian style. The majesty and high quality are typical of 18th century Venetian furnishing. 100% Made in Italy.

Model Description

Model Structure

Luxury enormous secretaire trumeau in two bodies with a flap. The lower body has double centering shaped sizes, closed towards the mixtilinear front. The base has 3 drawers and a flap above, enclosed by two refined lateral slides. The upper part (the shelf) has shaped shutters on both sides and 2 big central doors, linked on the top by a mirror. The frame of the shelf is shaped like a broken pediment and enriched by an elegant Baroque carving. On the inside there is a castle with drawers and storage comparments. Last but not least, 9 little secrets and two removable wooden boards in the central part, used as candle handlers to enlighten the hall.

Raw Material

The secretaire-trumeau is made of solid spruce wood and coated in rare woods like Ferrara walnut and streaked walnut; enriched by bois de rose marquetries, whereas handlers and keyhole covers are made of bronze poured in casting moulds, Luigi XV style.


This luxury enormous secretaire trumeau in two bodies with a flap has a structure consisting of vertical axes put together to get the right shape. Thanks to Vangelista Mobili 1960’s informations and experience, the frame remains in place at least for 30 days before it is coated in rare woods. This procedure, being the wood subject to humidity and aridity, stabilizes the whole structure. The next step is the covering in rare woods with a thickness of 4 mm., manufactured by fixing the veneering on the solid spruce wood with the hot glue we produce in our laboratory and fixed with ductile iron nails. Then, the nails are removed and the secretaire-trumeau is ready for the final smoothing before it is polished.

Size of the model in the picture

Available in size 163x66x298, the secretaire-trumeau is completely customizable for dimensions, type of woods and finishings.

Model History

Century of use

The luxury enormous secretaire trumeau in two bodies with a flap is reproduced in Venetian Luigi XV style, end of 18th century.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

The original luxury enormous secretaire trumeau in two bodies with a flap was ordered by the Rezzonico family to their “marangoni”. In the main hall, with Canal Grande view, there were two secretaire-trumeaus. The palace was later sold to a famous English writer, Robert Browning, and one of the two secretaires was brought to the United States. Palace Cà Rezzonico is currently the seat of the 18th century Venetian Furniture permanent exhibition, with pieces from other Venetian museums, acquired from private individuals and antique market.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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Split up to €2000 into 3 easy PayPal installments

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