Baroque ‘700 Venetian Luigi XV desk inlaid with precious Ferrarese walnut-root

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Art. 657 finitura naturale



Luxury Baroque ‘700 century Venetian Luigi XV desk inlaid with precious Ferrarese walnut-root. The rounded lines are typical of Venetian Luigi XV style. The original natural finishing intensifies the grain and the chromatisms of the precious woods.

Model Description

Model Structure

All 4 sides of the centre room desk are symmetrically processed. It has 5 drawers and a removable tablet in the middle, whereas the frame is supported by curved legs provided with shaped bands. The drawers are very long and spacious. This precious desk is perfect for both contemporary, as a contrast, and classic furnishing and you can find it in entrances, offices or living rooms.

Raw Material

The frame and the inside of drawers are in spruce wood whereas the veneering, with a thickness of 4 mm, is completely made of rare Ferrarese walnut-root; last but not least, the inlaid thread is made of exotic rose wood. The handles are hand-made from the original.


The rounded elements (sides, back, front and drawers) are made of shapes solid spruce axes and glued together by natural glues. The desktop, also made of solid spruce wood, is processed with 3 layers with crossed grain to keep the furniture straight and stable over time (the same working process used in the 18-th century). The sides with legs and the frontal parts are put together by a double rebated joint. The desk is hand-smoothed with iron rasps and abrasive papers for smooth and rounded surfaces. The next and most complicated step is the external coating with precious woods. The desk is veneered with a 4 mm layer of walnut, inlaid threads made of exotic rosewood and, in the central part, mirrored walnut-root. A particular feature is the edge of the inlaid desktop in rosewood. The layer is fixed by hand with natural glue and mild steel nails, curved. When the nails are removed, the dirt is removed from the desk, which will be cleaned. The furniture is hand-polished with a transparent shellac applied with a brush. This particular finishing highlights the amazing desk's grain enhances the woods and - thanks to the fusion of the classic structure and the modern finishing - makes this desktop unique. The handles with the pendant ring are reproduced from the original, in Luigi XV style, hand-chiselled and hand-polished.

Size of the model in the picture

The Baroque '700 Venetian Luigi XV desk inlaid with precious Ferrarese walnut-root is available in 3 sizes 130x75x79h. – 160x85x79h. – 190x100x79h and customizable for sizes, type of woods and finishings according to the customer's need. Designed, handcrafted and hand-polished in Vangelista Mobili 1960's high-quality laboratory.

Model History

Century of use

The Baroque '700 Venetian Luigi XV desk inlaid with precious Ferrarese walnut-root is handcrafted in Luigi XV style.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

The original desk is in the hall on the upper floor of the magnificent Palazzo Pisani Moretta in Venice. According to our studies, the furniture was used as an office desk, in fact, there were ink spots on the desktop. In the same room, there are also a bookcase and another desk in Venetian Luigi XV style. We reproduce the Baroque '700 Venetian desk Luigi XV inlaid with precious Ferrarese walnut-root with the same features of the original; moreover, the poor availability of the walnut-root, makes this desk unique, that only Vangelista Mobili 1960 is able to reproduce, in real 100% Made in Italy.

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We Ship Worldwide
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