Refined chiselled and convex dresser, black lacquered and reproduced in Venetian rococo style with hand-engraved bronzes in Louis XV style.

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Art. 314


Luxurious Venetian dresser with elegant rounded and convex  shape, black lacquered with bronzes, hand-built in 18th century Venetian rococo Louis XV style. It is the ideal furniture for important entrances and prestigious bedrooms of luxurious and exclusive residences.

Model Description

Model Structure

The structure has a large drawer, two smaller lower drawers and one internal secret drawer. The piece of furniture is black lacquered with worn edges. The frame is made of staves in vertical planks with an essence of lime and solid cherry wood The chest of drawers is embellished with accessories and handles in cast bronze on the ground mold, finished in a golden bath.

Raw Material

The stem is made of solid linden wood, an essence that, being compact and free of knots, well adapts to shaping and bending, while for the inside of the drawers was used solid spruce. The top is of solid cherry wood. The handles are made of bronze, lacquered in a French golden bath.


The chest of drawers is completely handmade in our art workshop, with vertical solid wood slats to obtain the desired shape. For the handles, the bronze is cast on a clay mold using the ancient lost wax technique; they are then chiseled and polished by hand. The cabinet is lacquered in two colors, with the top polished in natural cherry, while in the remaining structure is antiqued and lacquered in black. The hand-made aging with turquoise ground powder gives the dresser an antique flavor.

Size of the model in the picture

The lacquered Venetian dresser is produced in 2 dimensions: 118x50x90h. and 135x56x97h. Being built by hand, it is customizable for dimensions and types of finishes.

Model History

Century of use

Accurate and elegant reproduction dating back to the first half of the eighteenth century, currently this refined chest of drawers is located in the hall of the seventeenth century Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

We were contacted a few years ago for the restoration of a dresser standing on the fourth floor of Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice. Having brought the vintage artefact to our workshop, we were literally enchanted by the originality and exclusivity of the piece, by the elegance of its forms and by the perfection of the applied bronzes. We immediately thought of a reproduction for the market: with the patient processing of the convex structure in solid linden and the reproduction by means of a paste mold of the accessories, we were also able to reproduce all the bronzes making them in French gold bath and obtaining a result that still excites us. These processes fully express the craftsmanship of true Made in Italy.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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