Convex and inlaid “four-leaf clover” commode in Genoese baroque ‘ 700 style.

comò genovese a quadrifoglio con intarsi in essenze pregiate esotiche di palissandro e legno di rosa bombato a 3 cassetti produzione comò bombato genovese con intarsi lastronati a quadrifoglio in stile luigi XV del 1700 riprodotto a mano con essenze pregiate comò 1700 genovese mosso e bombato con intarsi a quadrifoglio cassettone di riproduzione made in Italy artigianale intarsio del comò a quadrifoglio realizzato a mano e riproducibile su misura con legni pregiati ed esotici di palissandro acero e bois de rose comò bombato in stile luigi XV genovese costruito e intarsiato dentro il laboratorio di lata ebanisteria vangelista mobili 1960 con essenze rare e pregiate
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Custom reproduction of a convex commode in pure seventeenth-century baroque 1700 Genoese Louis XV style with precious and exclusive “four-leaf clover” inlays, this furniture reflects the craft production made in Italy.

Model Description

Model Structure

This fine product, of which the soft lines of the shapes stand out, is equipped with 3 drawers assembled with dovetail joints, without external separating elements in order to maintain the grain of the precious woods with which the chest of drawers is veneered. The Genoese dresser is worked on all sides with "four-leaf clover" in bois de rose according to the typical work of Genoese cabinet makers. The frame of the top is in exotic Brazilian rose wood, worked with longitudinal grain.

Raw Material

The Genoese inlaid “four-leaf clover” is made of solid fir wood frame assembled with vertical slats, veneered with rare and precious exotic essences such as the bois de violette, the rosewood, and the Brazilian rosewood for the frame of the top .


The refined and careful processing of the inlay, the choice of the exotical essences and the double-move shape make this dresser a real tribute to the Genoese high cabinet-making of the Louis XV period. Entirely built by hand, the frame is assembled with vertical slats while the drawers are assembled with precise dovetail joints. The most complex part consists of external marquetry, on a slab with a thickness of 4 mm. of exotic and rare essences, on which the rosewood worked in a herringbone pattern towards the centers and the “four-leaf clover” on all sides stand out. The finish is in "natural raw" version.

Size of the model in the picture

The Genoese inlaid “four-leaf clover” is produced in 2 sizes: 100x45x86h. and 125x60x87h. Completely inlaid and hand-built in our laboratory, it is customizable for dimensions, types and finishes.

Model History

Century of use

The Genoese baroque is the prevailing artistic current in the city of Genoa and in the Ligurian territory starting from the first decades of the seventeenth century and up to the entire first half of the eighteenth century. This precious and important piece is faithfully reproduced from the original dating back to the mid-eighteenth century, which is located in the hall of the upper floor of Palazzo Sinibaldo Fieschi in Genoa.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

For one of our Genoese customers, we have reproduced this splendid piece of furniture with rare and exotic essences such as rosewood and bois de rose, and with inlays in the front, sides and top, in the shape of a “four-leaf clover”, typical of the fashion of the period. The result is a splendid furnishing of high cabinet-making. We are proud of being the only artisan company that reproduces these important and exclusive Genoese furniture of the eighteenth century with the same working methods of the time, a luxury product that reflects the handmade production of furniture made in Italy.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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