Direttorio ‘800 style corner unit with a flap and drawers

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Art. 061


Direttorio ‘800 style corner unit with a flap and drawers. The original furniture is in Alidosio Conti palace.

Model Description

Model Structure

The Direttorio '800 style corner unit with a flap and drawers in walnut wood is arranged with the 2 lateral pillars of the frame ahead compared to the central part, for a more elegant structure. In the upper part, there is a flat hiding within 2 small drawers and a compartment for objects, whereas in the lower part there are 3 huge drawers.

Raw Material

The corner unit is made of walnut wood inside and outside the shutter, whereas the inside of drawers is made of limewood, a solid and compact fibre without knots. The handlers are in brass poured in casting moulds and reproduced from the original accessories of the 17th century furniture.


The frame of the corner unit is assembled with strong mortise and tenon, the plan has the edge’s outline moulded, typical processing of Venetian furniture, and lightened by a lower cornice, the large flap has uncommon corners and it is assembled by framework and the bands are enriched by a “U-shaped” cornice on the outline. The 3 big drawers are arranged with dovetail joints and the skirting is edged by a soft shaped cornice opened in the middle to soften the aesthetics of the furniture, so-called open clog. The Direttorio '800 style corner unit with a flap and drawers is polished with an unusual bleached hazelnut colour, antiqued with stone and coated with brown clay powder, established with transparent shellac applied with a brush and final protection with French yellow virgin beeswax, to enhance the amazing grain of the walnut. The squared moulded handles are made of brass poured in casting moulds, hand-chiselled and hand-crafted from the original.

Size of the model in the picture

Available in size 70x70x145h. The corner unit is hand-crafted and customizable for dimensions, type of wood and polishing.

Model History

Century of use

The original Direttorio '800 style corner unit with a flap and drawers dates back to the end of 18th century.

Historical notes and mobile curiosities

The original furniture is in the 16th century Alidosio Conti palace, in the historic town centre of Vicenza. When we visited the palace to examine the reproduction of a desk, we noticed the original corner unit, arranged as a document storage. Given the strong demand of our customers we decided to faithfully reproduce the corner unit, so we retrieved technical dimensional drawings, detailed pictures and tha shaping of clogs and cornice on plywood. Thanks to our strong passion for classic frtniutre, Vangelista Mobili 1960 is able to hand-craft very exclusive models 100% Made in Italy for its high-demanding clientele.

We Ship Worldwide
We Ship Worldwide
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
We User only Wood Certificated from FSC
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Split up to €2000 into 3 easy PayPal installments

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